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March 2023

A multiple spacecraft detection of the 2 April 2022 M-class filament eruption during the first close Solar Orbiter perihelion

Solar Orbiter WGs, online

Contributed talk

February 2023

Modelling and observations: what is (still) needed to understand the role of magnetic fields in flares and eruptions?

ROCMI "Confronting numerical models of the solar chromosphere and corona with high resolution observations - a RoCS/MUSE/IRIS workshop"

Svalbard (Norway), Invited review

October 2022

Origins of space weather phenomena at the Sun: additional constraints from multi-spacecraft observations and the Solar Orbiter mission.

International Space Weather Initiative

Invited talk

Presentations: Courses


September 2023

Solar Orbiter and coordinated observations: do current models of solar flares work?

Aberystwyth University (UK)

June 2023

Solar storms: form the Sun to the solar system

University of Leiden - LEAPS summer program seminar serie

June 2023

Generic features of CME propagation in the heliosphere: a multi asset study

Heliophysics group ESA/ESTEC

May 2023

Solar sources of CMEs: from modelling to multi point observations with Solar Orbiter

Imperial College London (UK)

Presentations: CV
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